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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Barat

  AKTIVITAS :  10/09/2017

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CV.Kusumo International
Belleza Office Tower 7th Floor,Jln Letjen Soepeno (arteri permata hijau) No.34
CV.KUSUMO INTERNATIONAL in the provision of goods and services, IT ( Information Technology) Includes Hardware & Software [ construction of the office network, providing hp, laptop, desktop CPUs, CCTV Installation, and the like] , Garment ( Apparel [ sports, wearpack, uniform office, security guard uniforms, Brimob, etc.] doll, socks, hats, bags goodybag waist up) . With a relatively young age who have a vision to become an international enterprise quality of the work and human resources and care about safety and health. To meet this we also have Gaining confidence from the manufacturer to market and provide after sales service to customers in Indonesia and abroad and always strive for and continue to develop a line of innovative and quality products to be able to improve services to the needs of consumers who are increasingly complex in the future. We also expect the presence of our company, it can improve the performance and quality of work in Indonesia, to further improve the progress of the Nation beloved Indonesia. With our commitment, namely to provide the best for consumers, including the Product Quality, Price and Service, we will continue to learn and receive feedback to develop a more reliable the company' s performance.